Welcome to the Start-up Challenge 2020

A nine-day entrepreneurship event with startup idea competition which is designed to help entrepreneurs.

A platform designed for start-ups

It’s a competition to see who can build the best business model starting from a business idea within one week. We want to see who can get the furthest in building an actual business – such as a product prototype, marketing channels, financial plan, and maybe even finding some initial customers.
You can apply via this link.
We will close our applications on 7th of September 2020.
Startup Challenge 2020 will be held online with the option to attend some of the sessions in the curriculum at the physical space. Physical spaces information will be provided once you have signed up for the program.
Startup Challenge 2020 will take place from 9th of September to 18th of September 2020(excluding weekends).
Anyone who wants to learn using lean canvas, effective marketing, market expansion and business operations systematically.
There is no fee involved in joining the Startup Challenge.
There is no limit on the number of applicants.
There is no age limit. We can recommend aspiring entrepreneurs who are interested in starting startups and SME owners who want to incorporate tech tools into their existing business models.
You can book a slot with us here to know more about the Startup Challenge or to get help in your application process.
Yes, once you have submitted your application, we will invite you to a closed Facebook Group,and you are in!
You can come and meet with us by booking a video conferencing session via here. We will explain to you thoroughly.
YES. We welcome anyone who either has a business idea, or have skills that will be useful for business: such as marketing, finance, business development, software development, etc. We have a series of workshops lined up to teach you how to build a business model using the Lean Canvas – which is a widely used tool all over the world..
The minimum number of people per team is 3 and maximum of 5 people per team.
NO. Don’t worry if you’re not in a team yet – we can help you find teammates.
NO. Most budding entrepreneurs have jobs! This is a one week challenge so people can work on this in the evenings or whenever they have spare time.
YES. Any companies, startups or SMEs are welcome to participate.
NO. Any business idea is welcome. However, we highly encourage the businesses to incorporate technology in their business model.
NO. We’ll explain everything.
YES. Startup Challenge 2020 will be held online. We’ll post all the information you need online.
NO, but you just need two more people to meet the minimum requirement of 3 people per team. If you don’t have a team, DON’T WORRY. We can help you find more. However, as exceptional cases, if you have already founded a startup as a solo founder, you are welcome to participate.

Technical Difficulties

You can come and meet with us by booking a video conferencing session via here. We will go through the application form together with you.
The application form is web-based and you can sign up without requiring sign-in. However, if you are facing this problem, please contact us at phyoye@phandeeyar.org and moechi@phandeeyar.org .
If you cannot book the one-to-one information session, please email to phyoye@phandeeyar.org and moechi@phandeeyar.org .
Yes, you can if you are still not clear about the program.
Email phyoye@phandeeyar.org or moechi@phandeeyar.org